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Mono Headsets

Tai nghe Call Center Kontact KH-910T-RJ09 UC Mono QD RJ9 cable

1.403.000 đ
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Kontact KH-910T-RJ09 UC Mono QD (RJ9 cable included)
UC noise cancelling headsets

Mô tả sơ bộ

Model Features

  • UC noise cancelling headsets for the noisy working environment 
  • Designed for Contact Center
  • Mono speaker for the quite office environment
  • Good decision for your employee
  • Comfortable workingt

Wearing style: Single earpiece headband

Microphone: Transparent acoustic tube, Noise Canceling microphone

Connector: Quick Disconnect feature for added freedom (Optional)

Modular: The cable can be connected with QD function; The plug can be RJ09, PC (3.5mmx2), USB or direct cable.

* Benefits:

As with the other headsets in this series, the Kontact 910T offers superior audio performance. The microphone utilizes noise-canceling technology, so your employees can have clear, understandable conversations with your customers.

The Kontact K910T features easy-to-use call control features. Employees can answer and end calls, mute and adjust the volume, all from the control on the cord. The leatherette padding makes the headset comfortable to wear as well.

The more comfortable and relaxed you are, the more you can get done. The Kontact
K910T series eliminates the neck and muscle pain caused by cradling a telephone handset between your neck and shoulders. Your optimum physical comfort is assured with a soft, comfortable earpiece and a choice of wearing styles that best matches your needs. A lightweight, ergonomic construction allows you feel at ease throughout your work day.

* User’s Experiences:

A classic headset for the office professional
“A classic corded headset series for Unified Communications environments, representing a comfortable option for offices with a number of desk-bound professionals”

Designed for busy call centers and loud open office environments
“An award-winning headset series for businesses and call centers that features a variety of wearing styles and a comfortable fit”

Maximum comfort
“Uncomfortable headsets aren’t an option, at least not if you value employee retention. Our contact center headsets feature unique, ergonomic designs especially crafted for prolonged use. Employees can choose from a variety of wearing styles, which increases employee satisfaction and ensures end user adoption.”

Noise cancelling single headsets
“Enhances call clarity by eliminating background noise from the office”.

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